Inner Reflections
July 31, 2023

Alchemy Series with Mychal

We’re sharing some special excerpts from Mychal’s Alchemy Yoga Series, exclusively on Inner Dimension TV. We hope you enjoy previews from this 28-day series and try for yourself!

Discover the essence of ‘Fire’ and the Solar Chakra (Manipura) in this captivating clip from Mychal’s Alchemy series. Witness the mesmerizing animal flow movements, followed by a delightful and rejuvenating cool down. Prepare to be enthralled! VIEW CLIP

Dive into the world of Water with Mychal in this captivating clip from his Alchemy series. Experience the graceful flow of the body as he guides you through a mesmerizing practice. Embrace the fluidity and tranquility of Water as you immerse yourself in this beautiful flow. VIEW CLIP

Experience Mychal’s Earth class in this captivating clip from his Alchemy series. Feel the grounding and stability as you connect with the earth beneath you. Let Mychal guide you through a practice that cultivates strength and rootedness, leaving you grounded and centered. Embrace the essence of Earth in this empowering flow. VIEW CLIP