Inner Reflections
July 17, 2023

A Day To Just Listen

Tomorrow is World Listening Day, a day which reminds us to actively engage in the valuable practice of deep listening. Instead of putting your energy into voicing your perspective, your needs, your wants…what would it be like to devote an entire day to just listening? Take the time to listen to your loved ones, tune into the sounds of nature and your surroundings and perhaps even the voice within, your inner teacher and wisdom.

In particular, oftentimes we think we need to wait until the environment around us and within us is perfect before we can meditate but with a listening meditation, all sounds are welcome and can become the object of awareness. You can include all that’s around you and all that’s within you as the foundation for a deep and reflective practice. For those of you looking for a recommendation try this 10-minute “Listen” meditation by Brittany that connects listening to the element of water, which is a source of vitality and longevity and said to be the “root of all life.”