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April 17, 2023

5 Spring Ayurveda Tips

Ayurveda, often referred to as the sister science of yoga, is the traditional healing system of India. This wisdom dating back 5,000+ years is about finding the proper balance of the three doshas, known as vatta, pitta, and kapha. When the doshas are properly balanced there is health, when they are imbalanced there is illness and disease.

Ayurveda, known as ‘the science of life,’ acknowledges the role nature plays in our lives and that ultimately, there is no separation between the individual and its natural surroundings.

One way we see this is reflected within the rhythm of the four seasons — spring, summer, fall and winter.

Spring is a time of year where the environment begins to warm as the frigidity of winter slowly melts away. During winter, we often accumulate higher levels of toxins that get lodged within the bodily tissues. But, as we shift to longer, brighter, warmer days these toxins become dislodged and start circulating through the body.

The following are 5 simple but effective Ayurvedic tips to help you flow through Spring healthy and strong!

1) Oil Pulling

When you wake up do Oil Pulling. Take 1-2 tablespoons of Sesame or Coconut Oil and swish it around the mouth for at least 5-10 minutes. This is an excellent practice for the teeth and gums and stops harmful bacteria from moving deeper into the system. Be sure to spit your oil into the trashcan and not down the sink to avoid pipes clogging.

2) Tongue Scraping

Starting from the back of the tongue and moving forward use a tongue scraper to remove any coating. The heavier the coating the more toxins that are in the body.

3) Ginger Tea

Start your day with a large mug of ginger tea. Feel free to add some raw honey. This beverage will ignite your digestive fire (Agni) so ensure the assimilation of key nutrients and the illumination of toxins.

 4) Go BIG on Lunch

Eat a light breakfast like a small bowl oatmeal or warm rice cereal. Indulge in good wholesome lunch like Ayurvedic kitchari which is make of yellow mung dhal, basmati rice and lightly steamed veggies. For spring, add asparagus, arugula, dandelion greens, lemon juice and cardamom. Try to avoid sugar, fried foods, oily or fatty foods, excess dairy, ice cream, frozen foods, cold beverages and smoothies. Eat a moderate dinner about three hours before bed.

 5) Bring on the Power

Do extra energizing exercise. Spring is a Kapha time of year which is connected to the elements of earth and water. This a great time of year for power yoga emphasizing backbending and twisting poses. Also, feel free to explore other invigorating forms of exercise like jogging, hiking or playing sports. Dynamic movements will help balance out Kapha dosha so you minimize congestion and colds.

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By Travis