Inner Reflections
May 23, 2022

3 Less-Known Morning Rituals

A morning ritual is something that almost all highly successful people have in common.  Performing a few healthy habits first thing in the morning is a way to tune the instrument for the rest of the day.  Meditation, gratitude journaling, walking in nature, and yoga are some very well-known activities to do in the morning.  Here are a few less-known activities that I have picked up over my years in the consciousness community.

  1. Scrape your tongue!!  In Ayurvedic medicine, scraping the tongue every morning is considered essential for overall wellness.  This has been scientifically proven to remove bacteria from the mouth, to cleanse the palate, and over time can even improve your sense of taste!  I can actually say now that my morning meditations are deeper when I’ve scraped my tongue.  You can buy a simple U-shaped tongue scraper, and traditionally the best ones are made of copper.
  2. Alkalize the body.  First thing in the morning, it’s wonderful to drink some fluids that will help the body alkalize.  This aids in the detoxification process, and provides us with greater energy and focus throughout the day.  Warm water with lemon juice is a very popular one, but you can also put a small amount of baking soda in some water as well.  Green juice is also alkalizing.  Drink this BEFORE your morning cup of Joe.
  3. Get COLD.  This one takes some getting used to.  Try taking a cold shower in the morning, or at least making the last 90 seconds of your shower a cold one.  Research is beginning to show massive benefits to cold water therapy, including increased focus, circulation, a boost to the immune system, and skin tightening.  Admittedly, this is NOT the most fun activity to do but I find when I get my cold shower in, I walk out of the house feeling energized, focused and super alert!

Below are also some recommended practices to being your day energized:
Power Yoga

By Paul