Inner Reflections
December 26, 2022

An EPIC 2022 for Inner Dimension TV

How is it the end of 2022 already?!

As the twilight moments of this year come to an end, I’ve allowed myself to slow down, and pause and reflect on what an amazing year it’s been for Inner Dimension TV.

More than any other year we released an abundance of content including hundreds of classes, a new series each month and a couple of EPIC programs.

Here are some 2022 HIGHLIGHTS!

• Lauren’s epic 30-day program, “The Complete Practice: The Program” was released. We encouraged you to make time for yourself and step onto your mat six days a week moving through a holistic 75-minute thematic yoga practice comprised of power yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, breath work and meditation.

•  “Elements of Power Yoga,” by Byron was released. This 28-day Power Yoga series focused on the seven elements of Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Light, Darkness, and Spirit to reveal aspects of ourselves that correspond with the element of the day.

•  “MYOFASCIAL YIN YANG,” a 28-day series with Paul was released. This series taught us the incredible benefits that come from learning to condition our fascia and move our bodies in different ways.

•  “Empowered,” a ground-breaking 30-day series by Travis was released where we challenged you to be empowered and reclaim your inner power. It was our first attempt at a 30-day series with all new classes.

•  “Grief is Grace,” a four-session series by Erin dedicated to supporting the process of grieving and moving through transition was released. A must-try on days where you feel overwhelmed and crave support!

•  We experimented with a different form of Wisdom Talk where we attempted to take you on a more immersive journey contemplating topics such as Stress and Potential.

•  For our training arm Inner Dimension Academy, we released two new trainings that were well-received by the community, one focused on Advanced Sequencing and another focused on BreathWork.

•  Lauren and Travis were featured on GMA3 to discuss ways to strengthen your relationships with yoga. In case you missed it, check it out here!

•  We had a glorious yoga retreat in majestic Yosemite where we experienced sun, rain and snow all in one day! It was so nice to be-in person with our amazing community – we will be back for more.

•  As part of our Giving Back efforts, we raised thousands of dollars and contributed to causes such as the CYCLE, and Max’s family in Ukraine.

•  We launched our Apple TV App, improved our music/no-music feature, onboarded our new CTO Ben and new instructor Chris…and so much more!

•  Oh, and let’s not forget our newly released program, “Yoga 45 for 45,” with Travis and Lauren which is our most revolutionary program to date! This special yoga journey is the follow up sequel to the popular “Yoga 30 for 30” program.

We hope this content has inspired you throughout 2022. It is our mission and vision to provide you with yoga, meditation and daily wisdom helping you to awaken your potential!

There are many exciting surprises we can’t wait to share with you in 2023.

We look forward to sharing a New Year with you. THANK YOU for being a part of the Inner Dimension community. Happy Holidays!

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By Travis