Inner Reflections
January 24, 2022

10 Ways to Decompress from Stress

Hey all, I hope you are doing well, feeling grounded and walking in joy. This share is intended to support you throughout whatever you are experiencing in your life. Whether you are in a season of “good and plenty” or recovering from a “what just happened?!” kind of a situation. I’m happy to share some of my favorite ways to unwind and my paths to peace when I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just looking to replenish.

1. Be still and take 5 deep breaths. Pause. Close your eyes and take five steady breaths. Follow your inhales and your exhales. Notice the angulations of your body as your breaths pass through and release out. Repeat as needed and explore the option of visualizing a peaceful setting along the landscape of your mind. Sit and breathe with yourself, as being in the presence of you is surely a gift to be savored!

2. Visit inspirational text or music. One of my favorite things to do is drop my knees to the floor with my head and heart bowed, showering my being with one of my favorite Soul Flow playlists. Feeding my soul through inspirational literature or song helps me release my worries and step into bliss. Revisiting your core values on a regular basis can assist in sculpting your character, crafting your perspectives and defining how you show up in the world.

3. Pray or Meditate. For me, prayer is a way I ask God for what I need. Meditation is a tool I use to ground and discover what my needs are on a given day. There is no right or wrong way to pray or meditate. There is no minimum or maximum duration of time required or suggested. These practices are very personal, so allow them to be as unique as you are. 

4. Move your body. Oftentimes, when I’m feeling stressed, I just need to move my body. Movement feels like an outlet for my soul’s expression and release. When I move my body, it feels like the physical embodiment of love letters exchanged between me and God. Movement, especially through yoga asana and dance, are my moments of Samadhi and euphoria.

5. Create something. I find that crafting something stimulates my senses in a way that makes me feel more alive. I enjoy cooking, writing, acting and dancing, so I paint my canvas of expression through those outlets. What are your interests? What do you like to create? What are your gifts and talents? Make time for your interests and see what flows out of you. By doing more of the things that appeal to you, you get the opportunity to experience the fullness of you – the most potent version of the one and only you.

6. Treat yourself to a gift from yourself. I truly delight in my relationships, am in love with my job, and am fully committed to my purpose driven career! With that being said, I love the act of regularly giving myself something beautiful as a “thank you practice” to myself. I express self care and gratitude towards myself for all the energy, love and effort I pour into others. I prioritize a mindful budget that allocates money for my bills, my savings and my personal entertainment/life experience reserve. I think there is a healthy space for gifting yourself with something that brings you joy, versus “retail therapy” that exceeds your budget and may result in stress and debt later.  Avoid these stressors with mindful budgeting. Find the budget, the financial balance and gift that’s best suited for you at the present moment and enjoy!

7. Watch a funny show or movie. I think movies can be transcendent. Sometimes, I really enjoy zoning out of my head and into the journey of another person. Watching a light hearted comedy tends to shift me into a lighter mood. “Goldmember,” “Coming to America,” and ” Seinfeld” are a few of my favorites! I honestly LOL everytime!

8. Attend an event/workshop or plan a trip. Sometimes a change of setting can induce more gratitude. We are surrounded by a huge planet for your enjoyment. Allow yourself to learn something new, venture into another geographical location or participate in an experience outside of your norm. This world has a variety of foods, art, languages, fashion, cultures, natural and constructed beauty to offer. Broaden your horizon. Enjoy a full spectrum of adventures that intrigue and entice you. Find an excursion that is compatible with your budget and GO!

9. Enjoy a date with a lover, friend or pet. Quality time with a being you love and are loved by can be the perfect antidote for your heart when you’re feeling low. Let love and kindness in through quality time with a human being or a fur baby. Loving gazes and gentle snuggles may make you feel safe and cared for when you need it most. 

10. Write a Gratitude list. Gratitude is powerful. It provokes thankfulness into reciprocal action. Gratitude, much like love, is a verb. 

My list for today – 

Be grateful for your breath. Be kind to your mother. Share love with everyone. 

What’s on your list? With my love & gratitude for you and this community, below are some recommended practices to help with any stressful situation:

By Denise